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What is Autowiki?[edit]

Autowiki is an open technical automobile encyclopedia. It's not quite encyclopedia though. It's rather a reference book, a dictionary and a cookbook. Our main topic is cars and related kinds of vehicles: motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Autowiki encyclopedia is technical because technical aspects are of her major interest: technical specifications of cars, cars' structure, cars maintenance, repair, parts and tuning.

Why Autowiki? There's Wikipedia![edit]

Wikipedia is an educational encyclopedia with contents derived from reliable sources, with strict requirements to texts and sources. Most of Autowiki articles are not of Wikipedia format. Such contents is forbidden there and will be deleted. You can read more in Wikipedia article Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not

Why Autowiki? There are many car forums![edit]

Yes, there are many sites and forums devoted to car brands. But Autowiki doesn't tend to replace them, to become a competitor. Autowiki tends to be a supplement for them, or may be a connecting node between them. It's hard to find necessary information at forums because it's scattered there in several user messages (posts) mixed in great number of other posts not very useful. There's another problem at sites - you neither can add new info to articles nor you can edit them. All such lacks can be fixed by using Wiki mechanism. Nirvanchik (the major creator of Autowiki) didn't find a project of this kind in the Internet (except and decided to create a new one.

Noncommercial project status[edit]

Autowiki is a noncommercial project. There's no adds at the site. We don't seek for revenue. The project is created not to earn money. Our aim is an open, well organised information about cars and easy sharing. We will try hard to keep the project on the support of Autowiki Foundation and donations. This scheme works in Wikipedia. If we see that this scheme doesn't work for us then we don't exclude a transition to commercial variant. But we hope this never happens.

How Autowiki is organised[edit]

On the site we keep articles in English, on the site we keep articles in English, etc. If an article in English and an article in Russian have the same topic and the same title we connect them with the help of interwiki links that are placed at the site left panel. Clickin on them you may switch quickly to the article variant in different language.

We keep all images at the main domain: Localised sites (en., ru. etc.) can embed images from the main domain. Having this you won't need to upload multiple copies of images multiple times (on each domain) when you create an article in multiple languages. It's enough to upload it only once to the main domain. In addition, Autowiki can embed images from Wikimedia Commons.

Autowiki contents structure

Web-server and hosting[edit]

Autowiki works on MediaWiki - one of the most powerful wiki software. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects work on it as well. MediaWiki utilizes LAMP-server. Autowiki doesn't have means to keep own server and leases hosting therefore.

Who we are[edit]

Autowiki participants are car owners, who not only drive their cars but like to "rummage" - they monitor their cars' state, repair them with their hands, or even make tuning. We are little but we hope there will be more of us. We welcome everyone who wished to develop our project. Our site is open to add new subdomains on any languages. Site creators and great contributors are also members of the organasation called Autowiki foundation.

How to participate?[edit]

To participate in the project you need just start contribute to it - write articles, писать статьи, complement them, fix mistakes in existing ones, upload images, do some other useful work. For convinience, please register on the site, this will give a lot of advantages. To become a member of the Autowiki Foundation you need to prove your devotion to the project brinning a lot of contributions and then just write a letter to email

Contact us[edit]

All information of how to contact us is here: Autowiki:Contuct us.